The work is inspired by the arcade anthems of a Reagan-era adolescence. And the boy who laughed when he lied. And the girl who ate a live bee. And the woman who pissed on the hood of her boyfriend's Camaro. Ribbons of Zoo. Carnivals of boom. Bat-shit-crazies, all of them. 


Julius Kalamarz received his MFA (fiction) from Columbia University. His work has appeared in Opium Magazine, DIAGRAM, The Los Angeles Review, zimZalla, Ninth Letter, Black & BLUE, and elsewhere. His work has been exhibited in New York, London, and his hometown of Milwaukee.

2018 - Pop! Goes Identity!, The Directed Art Modern

2018 - Featured artist with JaamZin Creative Magazine

2018 - Featured as a Sunday Shout Out on @marvellousjazart

2018 - Featured artist with Eezy Sleez Outsider Arts & Entertainment

2017 - Invention Award 2.0 from Pop My Mind (December)

2015 - Signs that say what you want them to say - Lights of Soho, London (group show) 

2014 - zimZalla - The Hardy Tree Gallery, London (group show)

2014 - Illuminations - The Crypt Gallery, London (group show)

2014 - Pop Marxist - Cocoon Room, Milwaukee, WI (solo show)

2011 - Let It End Like This - Apexart, New York (group show)